In the past, Veterans have had a tough time explaining their military experience to civilian hiring managers. This problem is magnified on resumes where a conversation is often not scheduled.

Military and veteran spouses find the same issues effectively explaining the skills they’ve learned and possess through many years of moving from base to base and supporting not only the veteran, but the local military community.

Operation Hired has partnered with Forces Horizon to create a way for Veterans and spouses to relay that information on their resume.

Our AI supported resume tool can take military job descriptions, awards, exercises and deployments and reword those descriptions into appropriate language that talent acquisition specialists and hiring managers can understand.

By clicking on the button below, you will be able to insert your information into the resume generator and upon completion have THREE different types of resumes emailed to you. These resumes have been formatted by recruiters and hiring managers to assure that the formatting is correct and is set in a manner that the corporate recruiters and hiring managers prefer.

One thing to remember, The AI can get distracted by misspellings and acronyms, so try to make sure you spell everything out correctly. And the more description you have for the roles you have worked in, the better. Try to make those at least two sentences.